Prices are based on the number of cats occupying one chalet, per day.

1 cat – £9.50

2 cat’s (sharing) – £14.50

3 Cat’s (sharing) – £19.50

4 Cat’s (sharing) – £24.50


A larger chalet is available for families of 4 or more cats, or for long term residents. Please phone if you require this chalet to discuss pricing.


Fees are charged by the day, this includes the day of arrival and the day of departure. Payment to be paid in FULL on your ARRIVAL and can be paid by either CASH or CHEQUE.


In the event of owners coming in later, or returning earlier, the FULL period for which the chalet is booked or used will be charged.


Please ensure that your cats’ do get along with each other for long periods of time if sharing the same chalet. If I feel a cat is becoming stressed and has to be moved to an individual chalet, the owner will incur a charge for the number of chalets occupied for the duration of the stay.