The Building

Craven Cats’ Lodge is a brand new, state of the art cattery with luxury accommodation. Having under floor heating throughout the sleep area is a delight for us all in the cold winter months! Being well insulated, keeps it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We’re able to keep the inside sleep area at a constant temperature. Each chalet has an undercover outdoor exercise area, accessed through a cat flap so your cat/s has the freedom to be inside with the luxury under floor heating or outside enjoying their beautiful surroundings. With a full glass door your cat can sit above the under floor heating and watch the world go by or alternatively on a raised area next to a viewing window. The design of the building enables me to have quality time to spend with each individual cat, so they settle in well under my care and have a stress free retreat, which is of utmost importance.

The Chalets

The chalets can accommodate up to 2 cats from the same house hold or up to 4 cats from the same house hold (ensuring they all get along). There’s also one extra large chalet which can accommodate 4 or more cats, or if any cats are boarding for a longer period of time with us. Each chalet is equipped with a scratch/climbing post, toys, bedding, litter tray and food/water bowls. We encourage our customers to bring in any items which will give their cat a more home from home experience, like their own bed, toys and grooming aids. There are speakers evenly placed down the corridor of the building so throughout the day your cat/s can enjoy listening to some mellow music or the radio.


We stock a range of well known cat foods and biscuits, but you are welcome to provide your own if you wish (especially if your cat has special dietary requirements). Every meal is prepared in the food area which is hygienic and spacious. We offer daily treats (if allowed) as this is your cats retreat too. Adult cats are fed twice a day, whereas kittens and seniors are fed according to their requirements. Please note if I know a cat is departing early that morning, he/she won’t be fed as I’m aware this can cause them to become travel sick and it’s best to feed them once home.


We are happy to administer routine medications at no extra cost but if you have an Insulin dependent cat, please phone to discuss this before making a booking.